CoolCan Technology Debuts at InterBev‘98
CoolCan Technology Debuts at InterBev‘98

   In October of 1998, Futech Corp. participated in one of the year’s largest beverage convention, InterBev ’98. Futech was excited to finally be able to demonstrate its self-cooling technology to the rest of the world. During the three-day convention in Dallas, Futech demonstrated the self-cooling device to convention participants at the top of every hour. During some demonstrations, the temperature dropped below freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit) within 60 seconds, successfully proving the technology.

   The unveiling of CoolCan brought many major companies to the booth. Major players in the beverage industry asked several questions and were left amazed at the new technology. By the end of the conventions first day, Futech’s “CoolCan” was the news everyone was talking about. The following day, Futech Corp. and its new technology were featured on the front page of Beverage Industry Magazine, which covered the convention.

   Since the last exhibit, Futech Corp. has been continuously approached by major can manufacturers and bottling companies across the world. Presently, the NREL, a subdivision of the United States Department of Energy, is enthusiastically finishing the prototype. There are several well-known companies eager to participate in the upcoming presentations of this great technology. Futech anticipates launching the CoolCan during late summer of this year, at which time it will also be available for nationwide distribution.

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